1. Hi Dakota, this is your Australian friend Bodey and pack saying Hi!! We miss you and your humom so much, it is not the same walking by your old place, even my humom’s clients get sad going by. We hope to see you again soon!! Stay safe and keep in touch!!


  2. Dakota’s buzz story cracked me up!!!! I love the before and after picture!!! He is still adorable!!!!! You are amazing and I love reading your blog entries!!! Stay safe!! Love you! Amy

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  3. Hi Dakota,
    I’m your old Aussie buddy Storm from Seal Beach. It was great to see your article in the OC Register. I spend a lot of my summer in Wyoming near Jackson Hole and Yellowstone N.P. with my pets Dan & Yvonne. We all hope that you might be able to stop by and visit us on your adventures when you come to our area. Please let us know it would be great to see you.


    1. Stormy! Great to hear from you. I plan to be in your area the first few days of June. Fill out the contact info located when you click on “Contact Me!” at the home page so we can discuss and see if we can connect in Wyoming! Hope you are awesome.


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