Dakota Goes to “Tour of Paso”

March 21, 2015

I volunteered at a fundraiser cycling event in Paso Robles, California.  There were a lot of generous people who turned out for this ride that began and ended at a park that Humom called a winery.

Number 1 Volunteer!

Number 1 Volunteer!

The event was not just to be on bikes and cruise but also to raise money for a really cool place called Cancer Support Community California Central Coast.  It was called “Tour of Paso” and lots of people rode their bikes for as much as 50 miles all around the area!  I’m not so great on a bike but I like running with them.

Out of everyone who came out, I believe that I had the best time!  I got to greet everybody, play in the yards with all the vines, and cruise with lots of cool bikes.

cyclists behind mehangin w riders2play in field

The people on the bikes had to wear really strange outfits, wore space hats, and all came back from their ride really tired and sweaty. So, I am pretty sure that I had the best fun!

funny outfitsspace hats

What a great time for a really good cause.  I heard people talk about food, music, and wine… and they were happy.  We all had a blast!

check em out

cool right?

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