Dakota Goes USA Fundraiser – A Success!

Hello Everyone!

The Dakota Goes USA trip raised $2,000 for Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Children & Nature Network (C&NN). I wanted to say “thank you” again to all those who supported with donations and also to those who helped in other ways too! There were several who helped me and Dakota with hospitality and friendship. This trip was amazing not only because of the amazing things I saw and did but because of the support and new friends I met. Friends, you will always be in my heart.

Thank you for your donations!!!!:

Tina Mendoza
Tammy Radan
Alma and Keith Massey
Mike Byrum
Sarah and Brian Dorst
Meredith Moncata
Rhonda and Humberto Mojica
Chris Wade
Diane Griffitt
Nick Hernandez
Jessica Payne
Leo Hernandez
Hien Tran
Celeste and Gary Powell
Virginia and Art Hernandez
Susan Wente
Laura McCown
Steve Mendoza
Lindsay and Brett Doran
Kim and Tom Wood
Amy Neal
Dawn and Lou Serafin
Michelle Hannigan
Anne Watson
Greg Macias
Erin Williamson

Thank you for your friendship, help and hospitality!!!:
Evie and Dave Vieira
Marisa and Alex Zavala
Ryan Ashton
Laura McCown
Charlotte Wilson
Sean Madden
Don and Sylvia Cento
Marina from Austin and her mom from Bolivia
Diane and Mike Griffitt and Raymond
Wendy and Andie Fargo
Helen and Rick Bailey
Shirley, Curt and Britta Nordahl
Katherine and Ryan Smith
Bev and Rob Bernard
Celeste and Gary Powell
Kim and Tom Wood
Liz and James Page
Kristy Bauer and Craig Martin
Kaye and Henry Whalen
Stephanie and Spencer Blundell
Irene and Joe Horst
Love flowing your way…

Rene and Dakota

love being on the road!

love being on the road!

cool right?

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