Dog Days

These are my puppy years as I remember…

sawdust jacuzzi, Buelton

my brothers and sisters

Hello! My dog days that I can remember go back to about 6 weeks old. I have lots of brothers and sisters and they kindda look like me. I remember sleeping a lot…


puppyI am bummed this one got in… you can see my tiny noodle!  This is the first day that I met my Humom.  I wasn’t too sure of what was going on. We played a bit then I got sleepy and needed a nap.  I love naps but I usually sleep with one eye open to make sure that I don’t miss any fun happening!

i'm not going back there!

i’m not going back there!


I also remember the first time I came to my go home what an exciting day that was! I was too tiny for my new crate bed. It was like a mansion and kindda scary way in the back darkness.  I later got a smaller crate bed and it was way more cozy.

cool right?

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