About the Fur

Me n D Smith Rock
Dakota Goes is a youth inspired blog website to promote exploration of nature and outside activity to children. Dakota, an Australia Shepherd with an attitude for fun and exploration, narrates the stories posted in the blog and is dedicated to young people with news and resources to getting outside. By providing real life stories of traveling through nature, Dakota describes adventure while sharing educational information. The mission is to inspire kids of all ages to have fun, be active and connect with nature everywhere! Visit http://www.DakotaGoes.com to follow.

Dakota has inspired me since he was 7 weeks old. I knew when we met that we would do everything together. What I didn’t know at that time is that he would actually motivate me to get outside more. Since puppy time, you could see that his personality was full of spunk and adventure. He cocks his head to listen when you talk to him, and his intense stare is questioning, “what will we do next?” He is a very happy dog and believes that all humans are here to see or play with him. He loves kids and wants to fetch, run and have fun until his paws won’t hold him. Because I have a strong affection for the outdoors and bringing it together with childhood education, Dakota has motivated me to post the fun we have. I love and respect our parks, trails and monuments and would like to share the experiences of the outside activity to anyone who wants to see a hairball move through the thick of the woods.

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