Dakota Goes to Austin, TX

May 9, 2014

As soon as we arrived to Austin, I met a new friend.  This is Calvin and I stayed at his house.  He has a fun back yard!

my new Austin buddy

my new Austin buddy

please don't take my picture!

please don’t take my picture!

Texas is hot!  I went in to see the barber while I was here to trim off some of my undercoat.  Notice I said TRIM.  I need all my hair to stay protected and insulated. Well… communication was lost and I now look like an infant Aussie.  It took Humom two days to get over it.  Regardless of their lack of knowledge in hair styling techniques, Austin is very Aussie friendly.  There are tons of places I can go hang out or hike and have fun.  We were planning to participate in a paddle event called Glo Paddle ATX.  It was to benefit Flatwater Foundation which is a cool organization to support families effected by cancer.  As I have said before, you never know what nature will bring.  There were crazy thunderstorms and we had to postpone the event.

Instead, our friend Laura took us all around town and we ended up at a huge park in the city they call the Capitol of Austin.  While I thought that the most fun was going to be playing in that park, it turns out that there were lots of new friends that I met there.  They were visiting from their schools to learn about all the history that dates back to 1876. They were really nice and did not judge me for my bad haircut!

Dgoes to CapitolD at Austin Cap w kids

All my new friends promised to keep in touch and follow my blog. I am sure that I will come back to visit Austin’s awesome city again.

cool right?

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