Dakota Goes to Hot Springs, AR – PART 2

Well, I told you that I would be back with this. There was too much fun in Arkansas to just leave you hanging and Humom has now learned to retrieve. This doesn’t make much sense to me but she had to learn in order to find lost photos that were stuck somewhere in the keyboard…? Anyways, we are both happy to finally have the lost photos of Hot Springs so that I can tell you about this stop on our #dakotagoesusa trip.

On May 10, 2014 we arrived at our destination (Ouachita, AR) which was just outside of Hot Springs and a few turns from the National Park. We were welcomed by Aunt Wendy and Andie. Andie wasn’t super excited to see me at first but then realized that I was no threat and she stopped yelling at me.

log castle

log castle

all paws on deck

all paws on deck

Our home here for a couple days was a huge log cabin on 20 acres of tree forest, garden and pond. You could see far off to the trees from the deck and hear the horses at the ranch below. Along with this came flies the size of little birds… They were called horseflies but I saw no resemblance. Catching bugs is one of my favorite games (especially when Humom has a swatter in her hand) so I knew this place was going to be a lot of fun from the start!


The next day as we searched for the Hot Spring National Park entrance, we were faced with all the grand houses that were called baths.  My idea of a bath is different.  These houses were built years ago and used as spas for the natural springs in the area.

on Bathhouse Row...

on Bathhouse Row…

The baths were actually like magical spa places where people go to enjoy healing natural spring water.  The area is now called Bathhouse Row but the spring water there has been used for centuries as a healing and sacred place by native Indians long before these fancy buildings popped up.

I was more up for the trail… Let go!

Can we run now?

Can we run now?

The fun began once we hit the trails.  We hiked Dogwood Trail, Hot Springs Mountain Trail, Goat Rock and Dead Chief trail to tackle all kinds of great landscape!

Exploring the trails!

Exploring the trails!

my version of rock climbing...

my version of rock climbing…

Hot Spring National Park , the smallest of National Parks, was one of my favorite places because we had lots of short trails and great weather. We had warm open spaces and cool shaded brooks to follow.

Hey, watch this trick!

Hey, watch this stick trick!

We then went back to the forest we were living in and helped Aunt Wendy with the Garden.

Working in the garden.

Working in the garden.

Need help lifting that hay bale?

Need help lifting that hay bale?

She uses this garden to propagate, grow and harvest plants and herbs that she uses in her products. She is an expert in natural herbs, oils and creams that are intended to aid in health and wellness. Humom and I were in the organic garden for a short while trying to help out…

I'm right here if you need me!

I’m right here if you need me!

In the evening we heard all sorts of noises (animal voices) in the back woods. We could especially hear all the goats around the yard. We asked Aunt Wendy how many she had on her property. Her reply was “none”!

Have you ever heard of frogs that sound like goats?!!! I think these are called Sheep frogs or Eastern Narrow-Mouthed frogs.

The excitement of the two days had me beat.

wiped out

wiped out

When we left Arkansas we were on high alert because bug season had hit us.  Aunt Wendy gave us “Don’t Bug Me” insect repellent and “Plantain Spray“.  These saved our lives for the rest of the trip.  I am so grateful that we had these and Humom wouldn’t leave the car without them in her bag.  We will have to get more soon at www.crookedhouseherbals.com.

I hope to visit again because there is a lot to do and more fun to be had.

Thank you!

Thank you!


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