Dakota goes to Lewes

Dakota Goes to Lewes, DE

May 21, 2014

Hellooooo from the Atlantic Ocean!

I am at Lewes Beach in Deleware.  It doesn’t seem to matter what side of the country I am on, my toes just missed the sand!  I couldn’t wait to jump into the ocean.



mouthball on Lewes beach

sun, sand and ball!






I played on the beach for a good hour with some new friends. This is Missy, Choco and Bentley. We chased each other and several balls until they had to go in for dinner.

I did notice a couple difference from this particular East coast beach compared to my West coast beach. Firstly, the sun was going down on the other side…

Lewes, DE

Lewes, DE

Seal Beach, CA

Seal Beach, CA


The other thing was the Seagulls looked a little different. They were more speckled black and white like my colors and black heads. They were jokers. They cackled all the time like they were telling each other a funny joke about you…

...did you hear the one about the Australian Shepherd...?

…did you hear the one about the Australian Shepherd…?

There weren’t any waves here. There were sandbars where people went out to look at
Hermit Crabs and Horseshoe Crabs.  I went out to greet everyone until I was beat and needed some rest.  We stayed in this awesome house on the water.

Lazy L

Lazy L for me
There was an entire yard just for me to play! The next day I ran and played here till my feet hurt.