Catching Air!

Seal Beach, CA

i got this!

okay… yeah, so I know this is a weird picture but it captures SO much fun!

I am currently in snow…

Bend, OR

why can’t we go out and play?

and a bit house bound…

so I thought I would remember a bit of water play and warm air. have you ever ran out into the ocean and got that rush of cold wetness? It can be startling but feel so good. that was me in a glorious jump. I’m catching some air and a frisbee! I am not a show-off… just determined. What do you do in the ocean?

Seal Beach, CA

love this ocean bluuuu!

These pics are from the Pacific Ocean – specifically, Seal Beach, CA. along this coast you will see many people parked along the sand with towels and umbrellas. you will also see surfers riding boards on the waves and some that have sails on them called kiteboarding. some will just sleep on the sand while others swim like I do! you have to be careful of the stingray in this area. My cousin got stung by a ray once and I think he almost cried. It was very painful. Prevent the sting by shuffling your feet while playing in the water and if you do get stung, the best solution is lots and lots and lots of hot water.

Seal Beach, CA

body surfing in Seal Beach, CA

In Seal Beach the waves are small and break fast…waves that are fun to play in and jump through no matter what time of year.

cool right?

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