Dakota Goes on a Fox Hunt

April 26, 2014

ig house back viewActually, I was chasing the fox off the land!  I am at Mimom‘s and Papa Joe’s home. They live in a fun place in Central Coast, California.  I love it here because I can freely run through all the grass, trees and plants in the very large back yard.  It’s just free discovery with amazing smells and little animals to sniff out!

all chicks

cluck, peck, cluck, peck, cluck…

I help take care of the Chickens.  Every morning I cruise the entire perimeter and guard the coop while Papa gives them breakfast.  I kindda feel bad for them because they have a dull life as they cluck around the yard.  They just peck, peck, peck at just about anything.  Truthfully, they are not very interesting.  They cluck, peck and step, repeat.bright chickens
So, they keep doing that all day until there is less light in the sky and the sun tells them to hide in their coop. Yesterday, this guy showed up…

IMG_1312I could smell him from inside the house!  Once the door opened, I bolted out towards the chicken coop.  I barked, howled and ran.  The fox made his way across the field of neighboring grape vines.  He stopped to look at me and I howled again…  “Get out!  and NEVER come back!  Stay away from our chickens!  Find food somewhere else!”

Fox ran fast across the field and stopped one last time to look back. I didn’t stop barking till I couldn’t see or smell him any longer.

run fox run!

run fox run!

The chickens are a little shaken, but they are safe.  As the sun starts to go away, it has become peaceful again.chicken sunset

cool right?

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