April 15, 2014: missing my old friends…

what?  ...just chilling in the sun

what? …just chilling in the sun

Today I am missing my old roommates!  This is Alli and Grace.  Alli is brown and Grace is white.  People always talk about them being German but I think they are about as much German as I am Australian. Well, maybe our ancestors were from countries far away from America…  I will tell you a little bit about them.  First off: they LOVE the sun.  Maybe this is because they are alway feeling cold.  They don’t have as much hair as I do so they are alway chasing the sunny spots in the house.  At first glance you would believe that they don’t do much but sleep.  It is crazy how much they love their beds.  They appear most happy curled up with the sun blazing down on their backs.  Sometimes they play a game kindda like musical chairs but with their beds. When I was there my bed was also part of the game and you never knew when you could find a spot to rest!

Alli bed

Grace bedIMG_6180

But don’t let their love for sleep fool you.   These are seriously trained hunters.   When they have a job to do, they are anything but lazy and can only focus on finding the scent of bird. They quietly track where the bird is and simply point at it with their nose.  Their whole body actually points; even their tail! I think that’s why they are called Pointers or something like that…Grace and Alli pointing
Check out Grace. She has a crazy collar on her neck that has an antenna. It is very official and I think it helps her hunt better. I think it is like GPS for the birds!

Oh – I was just corrected. The antenna is actually GPS for her.  She likes to explore…



But it’s not all work and no play…  These girls get down right crazy. They where costumes and get wild!  That’s a pretty good look.  I think they have hair envy.  😉   Ha!  Those girls!  They’re just having some fun being silly.   I’ve also seen them dressed up live Christmas Elves.  (I’ll have to show you those pictures later)
Alli wig


Although I used to try and put Alli in her place, we all got along and I miss their smells…  I’m gonna have to try and reconnect with them on Facebook.
walk with Gracesleep w Alli

cool right?

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