April 5, 2014: Dakota Goes to Seal Beach (CA) for 5K run! PART 2

and...there off!

and…there off!

It was a record-breaking attendance this year and a beautiful day for a race along the Pacific Ocean! In other words… there were mounds and mounds of people, I couldn’t see anything but tennis shoes and I was on socializing overload!



An interesting runner below… I was on my way to take a drink on mile 2 water bowl to the right when I suddenly see this little one hanging for her life on her humom‘s back! Her legs were swinging all over the place and they were trotting at a good pace. I may consider this for next year because then I will be able to see so much for from a higher view point! I wonder if my humom will go for this…

hanging on for dear life!

hanging on for dear life!

Anyways, it was a successful day! We didn’t win, but at least we didn’t stop!

come on - faster!

come on – faster!

cool right?

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