Dakota Goes to Seal Beach (CA) for 5K run!

We are getting ready for the Seal Beach Run! We have been training every week and are now in tip top condition! …That’s all a lie. We are not in bad shape, but we haven’t been training. It is only a 5K and I can run that in my sleep. Actually, sometimes I do run when I am dreaming…
I look forward to this run every year! This is me getting ready for the race back in 2011. I was only 3 then. What a baby.

geared up - let's go!

geared up – let’s go!

It is a fun event for kids, adults and friends! Every year more and more people participate in the Run Seal Beach. There is a 5K/10K run/walk, a kids fun run. There is food and fun fair at the finish line which ends at the Seal Beach Pier. What a way to end!

I'm runner #4397!

I’m runner #4397!

Last year (April 2013) we ran past EVERYONE! People cheered us on and also gave us water at the second mile. I thought we were winners. Look – we were in photo finish!
Humom held us back, she was too slow and we didn’t win.

so close... so far...

so close… so far…

I’ll let you know how we do on Saturday!

cool right?

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