Dakota Goes to Multnomah Falls

Papa Joe at Multnomah Falls

Papa Joe at Multnomah Falls

This place is wet.  I imagine that any time a year – this place will be wet – obviously…  but we went when it was rainy March. Water was coming at me from every angle and it felt like we were actually in the Falls!  While we did not make it through some of the trails this time because we just couldn’t see, we plan to go back  and hike through some of the great paths that show off the falls up in this area.  Multnomah pictured here is the amazing 2-tiered falls.  It has a great trail that you can follow to get an up-close and personal view.

Multnomah Falls and the lodge

Multnomah Falls and the lodge

There is also this lodge a the base for lunch, gift shopping and treats.

As we continued up the Columbia Gorge on Hwy 30, we reached Horsetail Falls. This one is my favorite. Well, it is actually two falls and one looks like a horse’s tail! The trail will take you in, behind it and if you want to venture further along you can loop around to Oneonta Falls and Triple Falls too.

crazy loud behind me

crazy loud behind me

Anyways, getting back to Horsetail Falls… The sound of the water crashing was so loud and powerful, you could hardly hear anything else! It was kindda intimidating. Water that powerful is really saying something. Although tempting, I did not dip in to lap up a drink. It probably would have pushed me under!

We will be back!

me at the base of Multnomah

cool right?

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